5 Positive Podcasts To Distract You From The Coronavirus News Coverage


Are you feeling down? Depressed? Chaotic? Anxious?

I have a tip for you:



Yup, it’s that simple.

We are bombarded daily with death toll alerts, city shutdowns, and impending doom.

Enough already!


But, Nicole, what am I supposed to do? I HAVE to stay INFORMED.

I get it. You want to stay up to date on the latest without completely losing your sanity.

Remember 9/11? The days and weeks after were spent by many glued to the boob tube. Watching and waiting to see what the world was up to that day. What, if any, turn of events would occur political and/or globally.

What does watching all day actually do for that particular viewer?

I’m not a scientist, but I can tell you my diagnosis. And it’s not good.

After watching the latest coronavirus-related news (even for a few minutes), I personally start to feel…dread. Doom-and-gloom sets in. Then, here comes the anxiety reel. Oh, boy.

How do I stop it? What’s the “magic” cure to coronavirus-related anxiety?!


That simple.

So, if you’re like me and millions of other Americans, you want a break form the cycle of chaos brought to you by all the major networks wrapped in a perfect package of pure ratings gold.

Sigh. I’m not even going to act like I haven’t been sucked in once or twice these past few weeks.

But what can you do besides watch TV or the news most of the day if you’re off work or school or have time away from your business right now?

Here are some POSITIVE podcasts that I listen to (and thought leaders I follow) who are giving amazing advice, calming anxious minds, and making common sense out of a crisis. You can listen while you work on the computer, organize your closet, or sit on the beach. Pop in your earbuds, here we go:

Good Life Project

Jonathon Fields hosts the Good Life Project, and the podcast features guest speakers who inspire, teach, and share personal stories. The goal of the podcast is to help you live a more purposeful, connected, and vital life.

Episodes are released every few days and offer actionable advice on how to have a more meaningful life.



The Marie Farleo Podacast

The author of, “Everything Is Figureoutable,” Marie Farleo has inspired millions with her wit, grace, and real talk. Her latest podcast episodes are full of tips on how to get though the current times while staying on track with your goals.

Click to listen and subscribe to Marie Farleo’s Podcast


The Anxiety Guy Podcast

Dennis Simseck is a friend and mentor, and his podcast is for those who are overcoming anxiety and working on being the best version of themselves. If you are needing a daily dose of calm and some great information on how to overcome anxiety, please listen to TAGP! Dennis went from riddled with anxiety to leading others in their journey to an anxiety-free life. Listen here:

The Anxiety Guy Podcast


Happier With Gretchen Rubin

One of the latest episodes is aptly titled, “Coping During Covid-19: How To Stay Happier and Calmer In Difficult Times. I highly recommend listening. With all of the constant crud on TV, this is a must-listen. There is a mix of 2-5 minute episodes and 30-45 minute episodes on the pod.

Click to listen to The Happier Podcast


The Think Tank Podcast

Tank Sinatra has been in recovery for 16 years, bodybuilding for 25 years, building an Instagram following from zero to three million in just three years and making relationships with some of the most famous and interesting people in the world. He has a curiosity about people and their stories. On one of his latest episodes (Ep. 061), he interviews my absolute favorite, Mel Robbins (more on her later).

The Think Tank Podcast


All of the podcasters I listed also have books, and can be found on other platforms besides iTunes. Simply search your phone’s podcast app or download one to listen.

What are your favorite uplifting, calming, and positive podcasts? I will have another blog soon with a list of personal development podcasts to listen to while you may be pivoting at the moment. Speaking of, please join my Facebook community for women, Pivot To Prosper Tribe, for support and a community of life-minded women who are pivoting their lives and making things happen!