You weren’t born to pay bills and die.


If your life is consumed with bills, debt pay-offs, and working more to pay the mortgage, car loan, and electric, you’re just spinning your wheels.

“But, but…..we all HAVE to pay bills! What are you saying, we have to forget about our responsibilities?”

Of course that’s not what I’m saying.

That would be stupid.

So, here’s the deal:

You want to make more this month (because you’re not stupid, or lazy for that matter), and you want to know how you’re going to fit in working more to make 1K more this month. You don’t know how you’re going to save that money (because you aren’t going to live off Ramen in order to save a buck). Maybe you’re thinking that in order to make 1K more you have to make drastic changes to your life that are going to put you in a 30 day boring-hole were you cut cable and sit home staring at the walls.

No way. Not gonna happen.

You see, making that 1K more (or more!) isn’t about SAVING. It sure isn’t about couponing or cutting cable.

Making 1K more is all about MINDSET.

What is your mind stopping you from financially? Do not give me a bullshit excuse. Psst…..those don’t work on me!

1K is a nice amount of money. HOWEVER, it’s not like I’m asking you to challenge yourself to a million in 30 days! (That would be cool, though).

Your mind is a powerful thing to waste. Your amazing ideas, talents, intelligence, and dreams are all in your mind. WHY ARE YOU LETTING IT STOP YOU FROM ACCOMPLISHING YOUR DREAMS?

Your mindset needs a shift if you want to make more money this month.

You may have these mindset patterns regarding money:

  • Money is for everyone else, not me
  • There isn’t enough for everyone
  • I will always end up losing my money
  • Rich people suck (Newsflash, some do and so do some poor people)
  • Wealthy people are greedy/stuck-up/pretentious


And a big one I hear:



Well, this month, you’re going to work through that fear and get your 1K (or more)!


Here’s how to reset that mindset:

  • Making money is easy
  • Having money gives me freedom
  • I’m going to enjoy the process of making more money
  • Making 1K more will be fun
  • I surround myself with people who are making things happen


Remember, none of this works unless you do. But who does this Nicole person think she is to tell me how to make 1K more in a month?


  • I’ve doubled my revenue this year vs. last year for 5 months and counting
  • I make money through multiple sources (Mainly through my pet sitting business)
  • I’ve done the mindset work, and continue to do the mindset work around money
  • I believe in this stuff, no ifs, ands, or buts
  • I believe if people really want to change their money mindset, they will DO THE WORK
  • I focus on the big WHY, not paying bills

Make a list of a few ways to make 1K more next month. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Work from home doing something you enjoy (Selling products, data-entry, blogging)
  • Use a skill you have, like writing and sell your articles to big blogs or magazines
  • Do virtual assistant work
  • Make something to sell
  • If you already own a business, get more clients

Some of these ideas will take more time than others to get to 1K more, but you get the idea.

Ready to make more and ENJOY the process?