I’m so happy you’re reading this instead of watching the news. Great choice.

Speaking of choices…

What choices are you making during this time? Are you throwing a daily Facebook pity party? Or are you taking life by horns and making the best of what is happening in your business, your home, and your new normal?

Do you feel that the world is ending or that there is a shift that is happening that could bring out the best in people? Is your mental attitude full of shame, negativity, and overwhelm? You have a choice to have a different attitude. Overwhelm is a choice.

Wait, what?

But, Nicole, everything is going to hell in a handbasket, I am out of work, and my kids and spouse are driving me crazy!

Ok. And what if I told you that’s your choice to think that way?

You could also take this time to change your mindset, enjoy the simple things in life, and have a major shift. Your choice.

But, how do I even start to have a more powerful mindset? How do I overcome overwhelm when the news is telling me to be completely scattered right now?

Little side note; I run a small business, have seen some cancellations, and have had to pivot BIGTIME! And guess what? I’m loving it!

Think I’m crazy?

That’s alright.

You’ll still read my tips on how to stop overwhelm in its tracks FOR GOOD.

Here is how to beat the “I Have To Be In Crisis Because Everyone Else Is,” way of thinking:


Look In, Not Out

Time to get in touch with your inner child. What is something YOU have always wanted to do or learn or create? This is the best time to do whatever that is! Want to learn how to paint those super pretty floral paintings you see all over Pinterest? Amazon will deliver the supplies (don’t complain that it may take 2 weeks, that’s lame). Ask yourself, “If I didn’t watch the news, how would I feel RIGHT NOW?” This is self-reflecting instead of looking OUT (the freakin’ news) and trusting YOURSELF. Look in, not out. You have the answers within you. Too woo-woo for you? Bet it works if you make it a habit…

Use Your Time Wisely

Stop waking up and turning on the news or TV or scrolling Facebook. STOP IT. It’s such a bad habit for many of us, and we need to stop allowing our minds to be filled with gobbldey-gook first thing in the morning. It doesn’t serve us and when we start the day with negativity, it carries us through the remainder of the morning and afternoon on a loop of despair. It’s almost 2PM as I write this, and I haven’t turned on the news and if I see something on Facebook that’s of the “Sky Is Falling” variety I just keep scrolling. We have a gift right now: Time. Use it wisely. Read about time management, use a planner, and a chart that’s visible with tasks is great for kids (and maybe even husbands?). Why spend all day in freak out mode? Start a blog, a podcast, read a good book, watch inspiring YouTube videos, etc. Don’t fall for what other people want you to think and feel. It’s a trap.


Dig Deep

This is going to be huge for some of you. The cycle of struggle and overwhelm is a learned thought pattern. It’s a mindset block that needs to be overcome to move past the overwhelm that builds inside you. So, think for a second. Where did you learn this pattern? Who taught you that overwhelm, and struggle are necessary to function? Who made you believe that this way of handling things was the default setting? I bet if you think about it for a moment, something or someone from your childhood comes to mind. Was Mom always on edge? Stressed about everything under the sun? Did Dad not handle things well, causing everyone to not trust themselves and trust the Universe that it would be OK? Think about it.


Do you trust that YOU can handle the current situation? What does trusting yourself have to do with overcoming overwhelm and stress and anxiety? Everything.

When you don’t trust yourself (again, another thought pattern that is taught to stress and anxiety sufferers early in life and throughout their childhoods) you are always looking outside for validation. You seek answers that don’t even resonate with you because you have never been told your thoughts and feelings are valid. You may have had an overbearing parent, been raised in a verbally abusive environment, and/or been taught that you as the child had no say. Whatever your upbringing was like, lack of trust in yourself is coming out as overwhelm, stress, and anxiety in your adulthood. The good news: Now that you recognize this component to your thought patterns, you have the power and responsibility to change it. I highly recommend Codependent No More by Melody Beattie, and The Self Esteem Workbook by Glen Shiraldi to start. And follow Kris Godinez and Jonice Webb on Youtube (they have books too). More on mindset and self help book recommendations later…

They say the first step to fixing a problem is owning it. If you are choosing overwhelm and stress, you are making a choice. Shift your mindset to, “Everything is OK with me right now,” and take action to make each day meaningful.

Your mind is a muscle that needs to be trained daily to work at optimal levels. What you put between your ears matters. This is a time to really work on yourself and slow down. We haven’t been taught that though, have we? In a society of “hustle,” and “go-go-go,” we forget that there’s more to life than work. Let this time be a reminder.


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