When you start a service-based business, you probably want to tell all your friends and family, market to everyone, and work on your business all the time. If everyone knows about your business, it will surely take off and you will have a ton of clients right away! You know you have to hustle and grind (just typing that made me cringe) in order to make your new business work.


Oh, boy.

Here’s the deal:

Making your business your life will not make your business grow. Stop listening to the struggle porn, the gurus, and looking for another book to “help” you on your entrepreneurial journey. I’m not saying to stop learning, reading, and absorbing info that is geared toward your business venture. I am saying that making your business your life to the point where you forget who you are is not OK.

Well, then why am I being told to hustle in order to make it?

Because the more you hustle and don’t “make it” the more money the gurus make. Then you really NEED them.


So, how do I focus on balancing my business and my life? How can I be my authentic self while running a service-based business that requires me to be present and professional with clients and employees?

Remember your why.

Why did you get started in the first place? What made you feel the urge to own your own business? What dreams and goals do you want to accomplish through growing your company?

Make a list of your “Whys”. This will allow you to remember why you got started in the first place! It always amazes me that small business owners don’t have a “Why” outside of their business. This can be anything from buying a house, investing in real estate, or taking vacations. Maybe it’s to support your family, or because you can’t fathom ever going back to that 9-5.

All the guru noise is just that; a distraction for you to focus on them. It’s OK to read books and follow people who offer advice, just don’t get caught up in them changing your life. Focus on 1-2 people who are in your industry who can offer coaching or a group geared toward your niche. My group, Navigating Your Dream Biz With Nicole, offers service-based business owners (think pet sitting, cleaning, lawn care, pressure washing, home organizing, and the like) a supportive environment to make the necessary changes to your business so you can build the life you want.

What is your “Why”?

Whatever it is, remember why you started.

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