If you’re losing the “I’m Going To Come Out Of This Quarantine Leveled Up Like A Boss With No Holds Bared, Ready To Take The World By Storm,” motivation, you’re not alone.

Mostly because motivation is garbage. That may be a bit harsh, but hear me out…

I understand the hashtag, “Motivation Monday,” and can appreciate the crap out of it like anyone else. It’s always good to get the week started off right and feel motivated. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel like accomplishing something, feel excited about a new week ahead, or feel hopeful about getting everything done you want to do on Monday. Notice the common word used to describe motivation: Feel.

I’m not asking people to walk around like robots without feelings, but let’s be realistic here:

When was the last time you waited to do something until you felt motivated? It’s highly likely that you are still waiting. You might want to read that book that will finally make things clear for you, or take that course that will open up the heavens and beams of motivational light will come down from the clouds. Time to wake up, unmotivated but talented and worthy you. Stop seeking motivation, and start gaining momentum.

But, but, how do I gain momentum when I don’t feel motivated to get going?

It’s a lot more simple than you think:

Just get started.

Start typing one sentence.

Start by walking 10 minutes.

Start cleaning one surface.

Just get started.

What will happen?

Momentum breeds momentum.

So, once you start, the momentum continues. This wasn’t brought on by feeling anything, it’s how your brain works. Once it recognizes that you CAN do something, it allows you to KEEP doing it. Momentum breeds momentum.

Before you think that Nicole doesn’t want anyone feeling anything or being excited or happy or whatever, stop. As a life-long entrepreneur and business owner, I can tell you right now that being motivated is a great feeling, but accomplishing something when you’ve been dedicated is even better.

If you’re in my private Facebook group for women (Pivot To Prosper Tribe), I discuss dedication over motivation and why it’s important to decide to be dedicated rather than feel motivated.

 Just remember, dedication is the key to success over motivation every time.

When you don’t feel like doing something, such as write a blog article or take a walk, do it anyway. The feeling will dissipate as you continue to work on that task at hand.

Have you lost that loving feeling? That feeling of taking on the world in a pandemic and now after several weeks of staying at home, you’re not feeling “It,”? This is how many of us were trained to believe success works; just do what you feel like doing. Well, that would mean many of us would sit around in PJs all day watching garbage TV and scrolling Facebook. Because we feel like it, right? Instead, decide what you are dedicated to making happen, and do the work. As you start working, you will continue to “feel like” working. The more you sit around and watch trash TV, the more you sit around and watch trash TV. See the pattern here?

They say recognizing the problem is the first step to fixing it. If you’ve been waiting around for motivation to come and take over your workload, your exercise routine, or your bad eating habits, you’re never, ever going to make a change or succeed with your goals.

But if you are dedicated, you will simply do the work no matter how you feel. Tired, bored, over it, sad, angry, or all of them? Dedication doesn’t care. Dedication will say, “Sorry you’re feeling down, let’s get to work because you promised yourself you would”.

What are you dedicating yourself to accomplishing this week? This month? This year? Are you choosing to be dedicated in order to build momentum in your life and business?

How can I prove that dedication is key and motivation is a fleeting feeling? This blog was written during and after I hit a major slump in my writing, needed to eat lunch, ate lunch and had an afternoon slump, then there was a thunderstorm, then I had to pee (3 times), then the doorbell rang, then someone was catty to me on Facebook, then I wanted to watch dream home YouTube videos, and all the while I kept typing (accept for when I was peeing). I even started to work on my next blog. Momentum breeds momentum.

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