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Hey, Entrepreneur, (and anyone who wants to be more successful and lead a more purpose-driven life) I see you.

You’re stressed out.

You’re worried.

You’re looking at other options for income (GOOD!)

You have a family to feed and bills to pay.

You feel like you have the world on your shoulders right now.

I’m with you.

I hear you.

That business you’ve tried so hard to build has had cancellations, loss of income, and you may even be scrambling to pay staff for the time being.

You’re wondering how to make this ALL WORK!

Get mad. Get pissed as hell. Then get to work.

We can’t throw a pity party forever. This is the time for entrepreneurs to be the innovators and risk takers and make moves that will help our families, communities, and our futures. Why wait until tomorrow?

I’m not saying to stay stressed, in fact, the exact opposite is true. Stress and overwhelm are choices. Yes, they are. You may feel like you have no power or control right now, but the truth is you have more strength than ever. This is prime time, baby. You going to play or sit on the sidelines? Are you going to spend all day watching the news and whining on social-freaking-media, or are you going to go to task and start being flexible in your methods?

If you need to hear this: Pull your head out of your ass, wash your hands, and read these book recommendations. Use this time for personal and professional development and follow my latest blog series, No Nonsense Recommendations With Nicole, by subscribing below.

Here you go:

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

If you needed to read a book about changing your mindset, this is not only the perfect time to do so, but the perfect book to change your thought patterns about money, business, and success. Brian Tracy is a best-selling author and speaker whose inspiring book will help you eliminate negative thinking for good. Read this one first.


You Are A Badass

Just the right time to read this no-holds-barred, kick-in-the-pants, real-talk page turner by Jen Sincero. She helps you identify self-sabotage beliefs and behaviors that are stopping you from getting what you want. So, basically stop whining all day on Facebook and read this book instead.


The Success Principles

Have you ever read a Chicken Soup For The Soul book? If you haven’t, you’ve at least heard of the series of inspiring stories created by Jack Canfield and a couple of others. In his book, Canfield discusses transforming yourself for success, the fundamentals of success, and building your success team. There are 67 success principles that anyone can learn from and implement in their lives.



Think And Grow Rich

A timeless classic by Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich is the ultimate teacher to anyone wanting to achieve greatness. Chapter 7 titled, Organized Planning, is key for the current climate businesses are facing in today’s world. The quote on the cover says it all, “Your big opportunity may be right where you are now”. Boom.


Outliers, The Story Of Success

Ever wonder about the landscape of success? What makes certain people successful isn’t their personality or intelligence, says Malcolm Gladwell. Instead, a person’s culture, family, and even the time of year they were born all play a bigger part to their success. Discover how to make the most out of your potential and understand the logic of success.


Success Under Stress

If a book recommended here isn’t more appropriately titled than Sharon Melnick’s, Success Under Stress, maybe we can include the words, “In The Time Of A Major Freaking Worldwide Pandemic,” to the title. A business psychologist, Melnick discuss specific techniques to reduce stress overload, focus on your work, and build confidence. If you are currently working from home, having to pivot your professional life, and are feeling daily doses of anxiety, this is a must-read. I have had the book on my shelves for years, and will be revisiting this one and the others in the coming weeks.



What is your favorite personal development book you’ve recently read? My next blog will be on books to help even more with your mindset, like Mel Robbins’ The Five Second Rule. Have I mentioned I love her? Love in the time of corona…